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  • #842 - Jeffrey Conley

    Waterfall, Southern Alps, NZ, 2011, printed 2021
    #842 - Jeffrey Conley

    “Nature is in constant change and photography is particularly well suited to capture and amplify the swirling fluidity and the wonderfully serendipitous moments born of the ephemeral. Photographing nature is a very specific kind of exercise in mindfulness”


    ~ Jeffrey Conley

  • #834 - Pentti Sammallahti

    Helsinki, Finland, 2016
    #834 - Pentti Sammallahti

    “Everything inside the frame is equally important”

    ~ Pentti Sammallahti

  • #833 - André Kertész

    Kew Gardens, London, 1948
    #833 - André Kertész

    “I am a lucky man. I can do something with almost anything I see. Everything is still interesting to me"

    ~ André Kertész

  • #3 - Wynn Bullock

    Woman's Hands, 1956 (printed 1991)
    #3 - Wynn Bullock
    Wynn Bullock, to my mind, is one the greatest 20th Century photographers. Often eclipsed by his more well known contemporaries, Edward Weston and Ansel Adams.  This is a haunting portrait of his mother’s hands taken in his modest house in Carmel in 1956. The beauty of the print just knocks me out and is the definition of the word “primal”.