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    Dear Friends,


    The Power of Photography project was born out of a time of incredible global sadness and pain and unprecedented world anxiety.  A forced lockdown allowed for a time of self-reflection for many of us. This stillness gave me time to think about what these images meant to me and, almost for self-therapy, I started to share them on a daily blog. 


    Daily posts are sent by email to our mailing list subscribers, with live works for sale and related works to explore, as well as advance previews of exhibitions and events. Prints are often unique or in limited supply, so if you would like to join the Collector Preview list, please subscribe below.


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    Start here to access the latest notes, quotes and reflections
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    For any questions or enquiries please use the link below. You will reach the gallery team in California, along with our Advisory Service based in London.


    This archive is updated weekly, and contains two and a half wonderful years of collected daily images and commentary. In order to preserve the full history we have left unique sold works in place within the guide. We will be delighted to research alternatives or find specific pieces for you where available.


    Please email peter@peterfetterman.com to discuss.