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  • #856 - Marc Riboud

    Varanasi, India, 1956
    #856 - Marc Riboud

    “For me photography is a passion, closer to an obsession. It is not an intellectual process. It is a visual one. While shooting, if we think too much we miss the birdie. A good photograph is a surprise. How could we plan a surprise? We just have to be ready.”

    ~ Marc Riboud

  • #851 - Robert Doisneau

    Le Manege De Mr. Barre, 1955
    #851 - Robert Doisneau

    “I hate ugliness, it makes me physically ill. But melancholy and compassion, these may be minor values but they’re the ones that move me most of all.”


    ~Robert Doisneau



  • #848 - Willy Ronis

    Fondamente Nuove, Venice, 1959
    #848 - Willy Ronis
    “The sun, which was already a little low created sharp silhouettes against the back light. I switched out the 28mm for the exact opposite, the 135 mm which would best form the image that I was hoping for and which I could already see in my head. Just as I hoped a little girl stepped on to the bridge. A single click”

    ~ Willy Ronis(1910-2009)