#856 - Marc Riboud

Varanasi, India, 1956
#856 - Marc Riboud

“For me photography is a passion, closer to an obsession. It is not an intellectual process. It is a visual one. While shooting, if we think too much we miss the birdie. A good photograph is a surprise. How could we plan a surprise? We just have to be ready.”

~ Marc Riboud


This 1956 image of Marc’s always reminds me of why I fell in love with photography and why I always return to it like a trusted friend when I am in need of some comfort and inspiration. It has everything a great image should contain. Simplicity, elegance, honesty, tenderness and insight.

I have never been to Varanasi but Marc takes me there on his wings. It is of course beautiful in it’s composition but it is in its humanity that just touches the heart. Marc is like a great choreographer or orchestra conductor. He moves through life and takes us with him and awakens our feelings in a crescendo of emotion, a rare gift.