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  • #851 - Robert Doisneau

    Le Manege De Mr. Barre, 1955
    #851 - Robert Doisneau

    “I hate ugliness, it makes me physically ill. But melancholy and compassion, these may be minor values but they’re the ones that move me most of all.”


    ~Robert Doisneau



  • #850 - Wolfgang Suschitzky

    Charing Cross Road from No. 84, (Marks & Co.), 1936
    #850 - Wolfgang Suschitzky
    I've never "arranged" my photographs, I've always been an observer."

    ~ Wolfgang Suschitzky

  • #9 - Bruce Davidson

    4th of July Fireworks, 1962
    #9 - Bruce Davidson
    Bruce is one of the great Magnum photographers best known for his gritty urban work. This is a rare gem in his archive. Full of wonderment, humanity and hope.
  • #8 - Dan Budnik

    March on Washington - Martin Luther King Jr. after delivering his, ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C., August 28, 1963
    #8 - Dan Budnik
    "I need to become completely anonymous if I’m to capture the essence, the root fact about the person and not merely their surface."

    ~Dan Budnik
  • #4 - Arnold Newman

    Senator John F. Kennedy at the Capitol, Washington DC, 1953
    #4 - Arnold Newman

    This is my favorite Arnold Newman image. Such a great environmental portrait with a true sense of destiny as JFK looks to the future. Where is our leader now?