#843 - John Swannell

Marianne Lah Swannell in Laura Ashley, 1980 (Printed 2022)
#843 - John Swannell

"Laura Ashley asked me to photograph some of her summer collection in the studio. I told her they need to be photographed in the countryside because her dresses were considered “romantic”. She said “Why don’t you come and stay at my house in Wales as I’m going on holiday” So Marianne Lah who was my girlfriend and I drove to Wales. We took no hair, make up or stylist. Just the two of us. The countryside around her house was spectacular. I just had to point the camera”

~ John Swannell

“I don’t like ephemeral things. I just like things that last forever”

~ Laura Ashley


I recently discovered this “gem” in John’s archive and was just captivated by its beauty and serenity. It immediately transported me into another place, far from urban madness and intensity.

It is a Wordsworth poem.