#863 - Edouard Boubat

Le Pont Neuf, Paris, 1948
#863 - Edouard Boubat

“Every photo is my first photo. I have avoided nothing, roads, trains, plains, tiredness, departures, passions, morning light, desire for others, life. People often ask me “How did you begin?” I like to answer: “With light". I look out every morning, like a farmer, at the grey and white sky of Paris. I wake with the promise of sunshine”

~ Edouard Boubat
(1923 - 1999)

On this special day in his daily wanderings around his beloved Paris, Edouard came across this moment. It is almost like a photograph within a photograph. A man taking a photograph of his lover. This could almost be interpreted, as I do, as a self portrait of the photographer himself. Something Edoard could easily relate to.