#857 - Sarah Moon

For Bill Blass, 1993
#857 - Sarah Moon

“In this world of illusion, moments are rare. For a moment to become reality it needs to have a “before” and an “after”, it needs to be related but forgotten in order to be found again”


~ Sarah Moon

“Simplicity is the soul of modern elegance”

~Bill Blass

Sarah Moon is the greatest living fashion photographer. She has earned this reputation over many, many years of collaboration with the world’s greatest designers. She is the number one choice for any designer of merit who wants to see his or her designs transformed into a beautiful image. She chooses her collaborators very carefully.

It is a kind of “Kismet” and both she and they know when it is right. It was certainly meant to be in this image from 1993 when the great American designer Bill Blass and Sarah connected.