#849 - Cig Harvey

Claire in the Forsythia, Rockport, Maine, 2010
#849 - Cig Harvey

How to Force Blossoms

1. Acknowledge out loud your desperation for spring.

2. Find branches with plenty of buds on them.

3. Cut the stems at an angle.

4. Arrange in warm water.

5. Change the water daily.

6. Place in indirect sunlight all over the house.

7. Wait.

Warning — Forcing forsythia may cause a temporary aversion to violet, its opposite on the color spectrum.


~Cig Harvey

Today we bring you a strategy for winter survival - and a glorious floral vision, seen through the eyes of British Artist Cig Harvey. In her own words,

"The ephemeral nature of flowers is a perfect metaphor for what it is to be human, what it is to feel. My pictures are often of flowers, but they are not about flowers; they are about living and dying.

Searching for and bearing witness to beauty to share it with others is a political act. The experience I want the viewer to have with this collection of photographs is the same as when I find the images—a feeling in the body, a witness to something rare in an everyday world.

Experience this. Feel this. They are an invitation to experience the natural world in an immersive way, to find and celebrate beauty in the everyday."