#832 - Harry Benson

Jackie, 1968
#832 - Harry Benson

“Crowds of skiers were waiting to catch a glimpse of the elegant former First Lady who was on holiday with her children. You could tell it was her from a mile away, even in a ski mask with the signature sunglasses propped on her head. You could still see her eyes - those eyes like no others”

~ Harry Benson
(b. 1929)

"I have been through a lot and have suffered a great deal. But I have had lots of happy moments as well. Every moment one lives is different from the other. The good, the bad, the hardship, the joy, the tragedy, love and happiness are all interwoven into one single, indescribable whole that is called life. You cannot separate the good from the bad and perhaps there is no need to either”

~ Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy


Jackie Kennedy had the most extraordinary life that couldn’t be scripted or even imagined. Her grace and dignity have been an inspiration to so many.

Yes, those eyes, even when her face is mostly covered !