New York, New York!

New York City, the ever growing, ever changing, cultural capital of the world, has been the home and inspiration for some of the greatest minds in photography. This fall we are presenting a selection of traditional works that pay homage to the vibrancy and character of the city. The exhibition will feature works by William Klein, Elliott Erwitt, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ted Croner, Bruce Davidson, Louis Faurer, Cornell Capa, Chester Higgins Jr., Berenice Abbott, Weegee, Arthur Leipzig, Eve Arnold, Jerry Schatzberg, and Louis Stettner. 


Through the lens of the city’s very own to passing observers, we come to see the depth and seemingly minute nuances of America’s largest metropolitan area. From Berenice Abbott’s beautifully composed ode to the Flat Iron Building to Cornell Capa’s energetic portrait of Harlem’s Savoy Ballroom dancers, the sheer range of works offer a glimpse into the foundation of New York City’s fashion, architecture, and culture. 


The images presented in “New York, New York!” step outside of the confines of the city’s visual records, but rather offer insight on the beauty of a metropolis’ vital structure and diversity. Ultimately, while the show focuses on the beauty within New York, the message is universal. The images should inspire and provoke interest in the humanity and unique character of a city.