Unseen: New Discoveries

To celebrate newly discovered talent, Peter Fetterman Gallery is excited to introduce Ernesto Esquer, Miho Kajioka, and Noell Oszvald in the group show, Unseen. This exhibition wonderfully showcases the individual styles and adventurous compositions of the three artists. 

Ernesto Esquer (based in Tucson, Arizona) uses traditional and alternative photographic techniques to create powerfully saturated and textured pieces that focus on a range of objects, from oral to abstract still lifes. 


Miho Kajioka (based in Kyoto, Japan) creates individually toned Gelatin Silver Prints, where both color and dimension are unique. Her subject matter depicts scenes from daily life directly experienced by the artist. 


Noell Oszvald (based in Budapest, Hungary) photographs scenes, photographs self-portraits, and then digitally combines the two to create dreamy, emotional environments produced as Gelatin Silver Prints. 


Whether you’re an experienced collector or someone who is curious about acquiring their rst piece of art, come join us at the forefront to enjoy and support these dynamic emerging artists.