Judy Glickman Lauder: Beyond the Shadows

Peter Fetterman Gallery is pleased to present a selection of works from Judy Glickman Lauder’s recent series and publication titled Beyond the Shadows: The Holocaust and the Danish Exception (Aperture, 2018). In Beyond the Shadows, Judy Glickman Lauder responds to the Holocaust in photographs, depicting the death camps where six million Jewish people, and millions of others besides, perished during World War II. Often deploying the ghostly reversed-out effect of infrared film, her photographs are personal and expressive. They serve as contemplative spaces to reflect on the scope and horror of the Holocaust, and upon those who survived, and those who lost their lives.


“Hatred, injustice, and genocide did not end with World War II, and evil is present with us today, in too many parts of the world. ‘“The other”’ continues to be vilified. We must challenge ourselves to step out of the confortable role of bystander, and to stand in the way of all forms of hate. We need the moral courage to act against all injustice. As Edmund Burke famously warned, all that is necessary for evil to truimph in the world is for enough good people to do nothing."


“Ultimately, this isn’t just about the Holocaust, nor about the Nazis, the Jews, and the Danes. It is about all of us: our capicity for hate and destruction, and our capacity to stand in their way and to make a difference.”


~ Judy Glickman Lauder


All artist’s proceeds will be donated to humanitarian causes.
All gallery proceeds will be donated to KAVOD - Ensuring Dignity for Holocaust Survivors.