Raymond Cauchetier was born in Paris on January 10th, 1920, which served as the major backdrop to his most ubiquitous photographs. Cauchetier's photographs of the French New Wave Cinema are internationally known and are some of the most iconic images of the period. In 1959, Cauchetier was hired as the on-set photographer for Jean-Luc Godard's first film, "A Bout de Soufflé". He captured numerous pivotal and famous moments while on set. Cauchetier differed from other stills photographers, in that he took a more photojournalistic approach; instead of capturing moments that would be good for publicizing the film, he photographed the actors and directors behind the scenes.


Cauchetier has published several books including Photos de Cinema: Autour de la Nouvelle Vague 1958-1968. His work has been featured in Aperture Magazine and The New Yorker.