Len Prince was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1953. Prince is best known for photographing some of the world's most famous actors, models, musicians, and directors of our time. Prince's interest in photography began an the tender age of 9, when he received his first camera. In his younger years he experimented with style and subject matter. In college at The School of Visual Arts, Prince received an assignment from then-teacher Jerry Uelsman to live on a tugboat. On this adventure, he gathered many important photographs, among them, precious images of the completion of The World Trade Center towers in 1972.


Len Prince's work following art school transcended into the glamourous world of fashion photography. He has made photographic window displays for Bergdorf Goodman, and shot countless advertising campaigns and celebrities. He even published a book titled About Glamour  with a foreword by Dominick Dunne, which sold out instantly. 


Prince is now based in New York, but he lives and works internationally.