Bernard Plossu was originally born in Da Lat, Vietnam in 1945, and is a renowned French photographer who has worked around the world.


Inspired by filmmaking, American counter-culture, and the aesthetics of the New Wave, Plossu started his photographic career in the 1960s, crafting a beautiful aesthetic that conveys the intimacy of observing the world through the romance and solitude of travel. He has been cherished and compared to Jack Kerouac through his bohemian appeal. Plossu’s romantic vision encompasses coquettish women, peasants at work, fog-wrapped trails in the jungle, and waves lapping at sandy beaches. Yet Plossu is acutely aware of poverty and the challenges facing a modernizing society, and his photographs capture the nobility of all his subjects. Plossu mainly contributes to European travel magazines and uses a 35mm camera with a 50mm lens. Working in both color and black and white, his color prints have been made exclusively by the Fresson method for the past thirteen years. 


His many publications include Bernard Plossu: Western ColorsMoney intime, and ¡Vámonos! Bernard Plossu in Mexico.