Sebastião Salgado

Genesis (Collector's Edition)
Lélia Wanick Salgado, 2013
Hardcover, two vols. with book stand
Sebastião Salgado: Genesis (Collector's Edition)
Publisher: Taschen
Dimensions: 18.4 x 27.6 in
Pages: 704
ISBN: 978-3-8365-4372-9
$ 3500.00

This two-volume collector's edition of Genesis, designed and edited by Lélia Wanick Salgado, features exquisitely reproduced large-format images arranged not by theme or region but rather conceived as a portfolio that takes beholders on a journey around the globe, immersing them in Salgado’s vision of the Earth’s mesmerizing scale, order, and beauty.


Taschen, 2013, Collector's Edition, 2,500 copies, 701 pages

Numbered and Signed by Sebastião Salgado