Miho Kajioka

So it Goes (Signed)
Miho Kajioka, 2019
Softcover wrapped in a wax paper
Miho Kajioka: So it Goes (Signed)
Publisher: IBASHO / the(M) Editions
Dimensions: 9" x 7.48"
Pages: 160
Sold out

In her new photobook ‘So it goes’ Miho Kajioka presents new work that relates to the concept of time, memory and location. Kajioka’s artistic practice is in principal snapshot based; she carries her camera everywhere and intuitively takes photos of whatever she finds interesting. These collected images serve as the basic material for her work in the darkroom where she creates her poetic and suggestive image-objects through elaborate, alternative printing methods. Like in her earlier works the series consists of intuitive images of fragments of her daily life, from various periods and against changing backdrops. Edition of 500 signed numbered copies.