Miho Kajioka

So it Goes (Signed with Print)
Miho Kajioka, 2019
Hard cover, Into a box
Miho Kajioka: So it Goes (Signed with Print)
Publisher: M ├ęditions & Ibasho Gallery
Dimensions: 7.28" x 9"
Pages: 160
$ 675.00
In the this new project so it goes Miho Kajioka is presenting work which relates to the concept of time, memory and location. Like in her earlier works the series consists of intuitive images of fragments of her daily life, from various periods and against changing backdrops.
Kajioka regards herself more as a painter/drawer than as a photographer. She feels that photographic techniques help her to create works that fully express her artistic vision.
For a long period Kajioka has been fascinated by the order of time. According to Kajioka,  photography captures moments and freezes them; displaying prints is like playing with the order of time. I want to be confused with the sense of time in a fun way. How can we be sure if tomorrow always comes after today or sometimes it already happened before today...
Well, let’s travel in time. - Miho Kajioka
Kajioka became especially interested in this theme after reading Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s novel ‘Slaugtherhouse-five’. Like Vonnegut, Kajioka wonders if the order of time is always in the same chronology, or is it possible that past, present and future change in sequence?
Special edition with toned gelatin sivler print and a perfume bottle , 2019. Printed on trace paper. Limited edition of 40 copies numbered. 8 different prints available in an edition of 5 copies each.