We are all sadly witnessing one of the worst abuses of power and lack of common humanity of the 21st Century by what is happening in Ukraine. Sitting helpless on the sidelines wondering what we can do, we have partnered with our esteemed photographer and great friend, Michael Kenna, to offer some small gesture of relief to those who are suffering daily through these tortured times.


We are offering six images, printed in an edition of 25 each. These silver gelatin, hand-printed, toned, retouched, matted and mounted, signed and numbered prints are available in exchange for a donation of $2200 to The American Red Cross.


We are happy to be associated in this generous initiative by receiving your donations by check payable to American Red Cross. The gallery will send these checks to The Red Cross’s Ukraine Humanitarian Relief. Your donation entitles you to choose a print from among the six images presented, subject to availability. Prints will be ready for collection at the gallery or shipped within a few months.

We especially thank our good friends at the Financial Times of London for supporting this amazing cause through their generous donation of a four page advertisement in the Saturday April 23rd Weekend Global Edition.

For questions or inquiries, please contact peter@peterfetterman.com.