The Gold Mine Portfolio

Sebastião Salgado

Limited Edition

January 15, 2016

Sebastião Salgado


Limited Edition Portfolio


Swept along by the winds that carry the hint of fortune, men come to the gold mine of Serra Pelada. No one is taken there by force, yet once they arrive, all become slaves of the dream of gold and the need to stay alive. Once inside, it becomes impossible to leave. 


Every time a section finds gold, the men who carry up the loads of mud and earth have, by law, the right to pick one of the sacks they brought out. And inside they may find fortune and freedom. So their lives are a delirious sequence of climbs down into the vast hold and climbs out to the edge of the mine, bearing a sack of earth and the hope of gold.


Anyone arriving there for the first time confirms an extraordinary and tormented view of the human animal : 50,000 men sculpted by mud and dreams. All that can be heard are murmurs and silent shouts, the scrape of shovels driven by human hands, not a hint of a machine. It is the sound of gold echoing through the soul of its pursuers.


- Sebastião Salgado, 1992





20 Gelatin Silver prints. Signed and numbered. The group is presented in a cloth bound case. Each print measuring 16 x 20 inches. A total of 16 Editions.


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