Jeffrey Conley | Winter

Having grown up in the northeastern United States, I can vividly remember the childhood feeling of waking up on a Winters' morning and looking out the window at a magical, snow covered world. I was enthralled with the ethereal qualities of snow: how it defined and transformed objects, reflected light, and how it softened sound. Over the years as a photographer I have continued to be captivated and inspired by the simple, transcendent, yet austere winter landscape.

When I look at the collection of photographs that comprise this book, I am brought back to the places and individual experiences they represent. Some of the photographs were made in spectacularly remote places, others in profoundly ordinary locations where a confluence of elements brought about something unique and inspiring. Ultimately, these photographs are the result of my journeys and observations, and have provided an intense personal peace that I hope is felt by others.

Jeffrey Conley