Sebastião Salgado

Other Americas for PST LA/LA

September 9 – December 2, 2017

In congruence with the Getty Museum and PST LA/LA, Peter Fetterman Gallery presents, Sebastião Salgado “Other Americas”, an installation of 20 silver gelatin photographs from the renowned documentary-photographer’s first body of work.

"The seven years spent making these images were like a trip seven centuries back in time to observe, unrolling before me,
at a slow, utterly sluggish pace - which marks the passage of time in this region - all the flow of different cultures, so similar
in their beliefs, losses, and sufferings. I haunted the universality of this world apart, traveling from the torrid coastal lowlands
of northeastern Brazil to the mountains of Chile, to Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Mexico."
Sebastião Salgado, 1986