4.5 x 4.5 inch digital print of 'Ilmira and Funt II' included in publication; signed by the artist

Gregori Maiofis

Taste for Russian Ballet

Gregori Maiofis comes from a family lineage of artists and architects including his father, the renowned graphic artist, Mikhail Maiofis, who nurtured artistry early in his son’s life. Maiofis is a classically trained printmaker and graphic artist who began his  rst photographic projects in 2000. Printmaking is still an integral part of the artist’s oeuvre, which following experimentation with gelatin silver prints and several alternative processes, led to his now prominent use of bromoil and bromoil transfer printing. Common among the Pictorialist masters of the early 20th Century, the bromoil process allows the artist unique aesthetic abilities to manually control the color, tone and texture of the final picture on various surfaces.


In his series 'Taste For Russian Ballet,' Maiofis masters the romantic beauty and beast motif. This book, published by Nazraeli Press in 2017, wonderfully captures scenes of dance, celebrated alongside Funt, a circus-trained bear.


Maiofis attended the Repin Fine Arts Academy, St. Petersburg where he studied old masters before pursuing work in oil painting. In 1991 Maiofis moved to Los Angeles to expand his cultural exposure and further develop his practice before he returned to St. Petersburg. Since 1989, Maiofis has had solo exhibitions in Russia, the United States, and across Europe including the George Eastman House, Rochester, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Musee de I’Elysee, Lausanne, and the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow. His work is many museum and private collections including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, the Novy Museum, St. Petersburg, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, California, Sephiroth Foundation, Zurich, Societe Generale Private Banking, Geneva, and the Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro among others. Maiofis is based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.


Nazraeli Press 2017. Hardcover 14 Pages, including a digital print of 'Ilmira and Funt II,' 2008