Don Worth

"Close to Infinity: Photographs from Six Decades" Signed

Don Worth has worked with a quiet perserverance for nearly sixty years creating images that rank him among the most profound photographers of the West Coast School. With his intense and studied focus, Worth has persistently sought an interior reality beyond the material boudaries of his ubjects. While surrenderingnone of the natureal organic character, his plants eminate a comtemplative endergy and finally eveok a spiritual iconography. Worth's large-format landscape photographs are marked by an incisive clarity and quiet meditative aura and often reflect the subtle transformative power of fog and mist. His unwavering and painstaking dedication has resulted in some of the most beautiful masterworks of twentieth century photography.

Close To Infinity presents for the first time a collection of Worth's finest work in a single elegantly bound monograph. Many photographs reproduced here have never been exhibited and were known only to the artist's closest friends. The addition of this unseen work unveils for the first time the full range of Worth's  genius.

Leland Rice contribute an essay that examines Worth's artistic contribution, from his earliest years of apprenticeship and instruction, through the images that established his place in photographic history to the concluding masterworks that represent his mature achievement.


Autographed Edition - $300

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