Robert Capa

Robert Capa (born Endre Friedmann) (Hungarian, b. 1913 –1954)


One of the great 20th century poets of the camera, Robert Capa, was first recognized for photographing the Spanish Civil War.

 His genius was not only as a documentarian of the highest caliber, who has photographed five wars including the siege of Madrid, the Allied landings on D-Day, and the Japanese invasion in China which remains the definitive visual record, but who also had an unfailing eye for graphic impact that created images that transcend the specifics of history.


As much as Capa may be proclaimed as the "greatest war photographer of the world," his remarkable photographic range also includes images that portray wit, warmth, and the joys of peace.


In 1954, while on an assignment for Life magazine in Vietnam, Capa was killed by stepping on a land mine.