Micha Bar-Am

 Micha Bar-Am (Israeli, b. 1930)

“As a young boy he [Micha Bar-Am] immigrated to Israel, became involved in the pre-State underground, participated in Israel’s 1948 War of Independence, founded with his friends a kibbutz on the Lebanese border and as a result of his restlessness and curiosity became Photographic Correspondent for the very popular Defense Forces magazine. Admittedly, Israel is a small country, but Bar-Am is known to everyone there. He also knows everybody, as well as every stone of the land, and the spirit of the Bible is in his soul. Bar-Am has experienced the spiritual joys and the hard realities of the Holy Land. Some of those captured moments are in this portfolio. The images are direct and vibrant, all are celebrations of a man who lives his life to the hilt.” - Cornell Capa, 1981
These rare portfolios each include 10 Silver Gelatin prints, signed and numbered in ink on recto. Every piece has been hand developed by or under the personal direction of Micha Bar Am at the studio of acclaimed printer Thomas Consilvio in Beverly Hills, California. On completion of this project in 1981, the negatives were retired and donated by Bar-Am to the permanent archives of the Tel-Aviv Museum, Israel. Presented in a cloth bound hard shell case and available in two formats.