Kate Simon

Simon has created many iconic photographs that have defined the sunject and are part of moder popular culture. The Clash on the cover of the debut album, Debbie Harry on the roof of her apartment, Bob Marley by the pool, David Bowie in the studio, Led Zeppelin rehearsing, The Sex Pistols fighting, Miles Davis contemplatin, Patti Smith on a rocking horse, all pactured in a single timeless style. Imtimate portraits of artists and writers from William Burroughs to Andy Warhol, Robert Rauchenberg to WH Arden, recent sittings by Dennis Hopper, Iggy Pop, and new work as a contributing editor to Interview Magazine continue to expand Simon's unique archive. Simom's photography has appeared on countlesss book jackets, record covers, and in publications around the world, is displayed in museums and galleries in Europe and the US and in many private photographic collections. (for more information, visit katesimon.com)