Camera Work

"Camera Work fulfilled many functions. On one level, it began as the last outpost of the confluence of Symbolist art, photography and literature, and ended as a messenger of Modernism. On another level, it was a non-concurrent exhibition catalogue for 291 and the publicity machine for the Photo-Secession. Whilst it inspired many photographers, it was seen as an anachronism by others. Walker Evans could only remember one Paul Strand image from the 559 reproductions. Ansel Adams and Eliot Porter recalled Strand, Stieglitz and Steichen, but the mass of pictorial work seemed to them of another era, as indeed it was. Most of all, it was the autobiography of the creative life of one man: its editor, financier, and inspiration; a man who got things done; a man variously known as a despot, a dictator, a guru, a prophet and a messiah: Alfred Stieglitz."

--(Pg. 30 Alfred Stieglitz, Camera Work: The Complete Illustrations 1903-1017)